For more than 30 years Luc Theuwis has been guided by inspiration from art.

With sincere admiration for artistic talent and an awe of True Beauty, Luc has created his business from this passion.

“I have often worked with “yet unknown” artists. People I have found who have all it takes to make it: talent, productivity, focus, vision, as well as personality and audacity, yet for some fickle reason, the art world has overlooked them. On occasion, one of my artists has been spotted by a top gallery or a museum, and then their prices have augmented substantially. My client collectors are then doubly happy with their investments! But, we also experience a great interest in big names and established works of art.”

As the first independent project of it’s kind in Belgium, Luc Theuwis has pioneered a vital link between art and the people who are passionate about art.

Exploring the needs of our clients, we search for only the best solution until satisfaction is found.