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Art not only enhances the work space, it creates a professional business environment for your clients.

Art improves work creativity and eases stress.

Your company’s image will become elevated with the addition of well-chosen art

Companies benefit with a rental formula.

Art works can be periodically rotated providing an affordable means to a variety of quality art when cost is a factor.

ARTandADVICE has the broadest collection of quality art available for rent.

Apart from renting, leasing is also a desirable option.

We are here to advise and assist to achieve a tailored solution.

kunst, Hugo Duchateau, schilderij, alcryl op doek, mixed media, installatie, advokantenkantoor, Brussel, art


Hugo Duchateau

kunst, Ivan Popovic, Josep Riera I Aragó, Léopoldine Roux, Jaspers Eyers, Brussel, installatie, art work


Ivan Popovic, Josep Riero I Arago, Léopoldine Roux, Marc Ver Elst, Hugo Duchateau

kunst, Daniel Grassagliata, schilderij, acryl op doek, advokaten kantoor, brussel, art work, artandadvice


Daniel Grassagliata

kunst, Tjen Meylemans, schilderij, mixed meia op doek, mosselen, Lier, kunstverhuur, art work, installatie


Tjen Meylemans