Liliane Vertessen, kunst, integratie, TVL, fotografie, installatie, art work, neon, artandadvice,


TV Limburg: installation in the entrance hall with Liliane Vertessen


If your new construction is financed by the Flemish government and art integration is part of the planning factor, we are available to guide and advise. 

We have the experience to present a portfolio of selected artists and create a detailed description of the required commission.

From the initial proposal to any final adjustments,  ARTandADVICE works with you to realize a professional and technically correct project, all within budget and deadline constraints.

Call or mail us for an appointment. We would be happy to show you our long list of client references.

Kunst, Irene Judong, installatie, Brussel, HP, tuin, beelden, art work, kunst integratie, hout, artandadvice


HP Headquarters Brussels

garden integration project by Irene Judong

kunst, Janssen Pharmaceutica, Beerse, Ulrike Bolenz, fotografie, schilderkunst, installatie, plexi, integratie,


Installation of figures combined with molecular structures of medication develloped by Janssen Pharmaceutica in the Paul Janssen Research Centrum in Beerse. Ulrike Bolenz. Icw DBV Architecten, Hasselt.

kunst, Peter Jacquelyn, beeldhouwwerk, hout, sculpturen, figuratief, Brussel, tentoonstelling, art work


Integration of oak sculptures by Peter Jacquemyn Office Building Brussel.

kunst, Léopoldine Roux, installatie, Sonar, polyester, integratieproject, VIPA, Hasselt, artandadvice


Integration project by Léopoldine Roux for Sonar Hasselt, icw A2O Architecten, Hasselt.

kunst, Martin Baeyens, integratieproject, VIPA, Diepenbeek, schilderijen, installatie, art work


Art integration project residential care home De Visserij, Diepenbeek.

Martin R Baeyens. Icw Osar Architecten.

kunst, Nick Ervinck, integatieproject, VIPA, Overpelt, polyester, kleurrijk, wandobject, artandadvice


Integration project elderly home Imaculata Overpelt. Nick Ervinck. Icw DBV Architecten.

kunst, integratie, Heverlee, Donaldson, Lejon Tits, folie, artandadvice


Integration entrance hall Donaldson Haasrode. Icw Lejon Tits and Ring Partners Architects, Antwerpen.

kunst, Luc Hoekx, integratieproject, VIPA, olie op inox, Peer, Nova Zembla Architecten, kleurrijk, abstract


Integration project 't Brugske Leopoldsburg, Luc Hoekx icw Nova Zembla Architects.

kunst, Ulrike Bolenz, fotografie, integratieproject VIPA, Zaventem, zorgcentrum, De Vloed Architecten, plexi zuilen


Residential care home Trappeniers Zaventem, integration project by Ulrike Bolenz. Icw De Vloed Architects, Destelbergen.

kunst, Haute Cuisine, integratieproject, Heusden, Weyerke, vzw Stijn, polyester, beeld


Realisation of a sculpture for the patio of Hof van Loon in Heusden by Haute Cuisine.

Kunst, integratie, Acerta, Leuven, Geert Nijs, ELD Architecten, kantoren,


Project within the offices of Acerta Leuven. Geert Nijs icw ELD Architecten Antwerpen.

kunst, Agnes Maes, Qaly, Beersel, Alsemberg, Lieve Verplancke, schilderij, kleurrijk, abstract


Art integration project in the residential care home Qaly in Alsemberg with ao Agnes Maes.