Mosselpot Broothaers Marcel Jan Hoet SMAK Gent


Mussel pot, signed by Jan Hoet, director of SMAK Gent, business gift for A&A.


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relatiegeschenk, Roger Raveel, editie, beperkte oplage, ADMB, Brugge, exclusief, beeldje



xclusive business gift for ADMB Brugge, by ARTandADVICE in close coöperation with and designed by Roger Raveel

Annie Desmet, EPP Merit Award José Manual Barosso , Herman Van Rompuy in 2015 en aan Rob Wainwright, directeur van Europol


EPP Merit Awards (sculptures by Annie Desmet) handed over to 

José Manual Barosso and Herman Van Rompuy in 2015 and to Rob Wainwright, director of Europol in 2017.

relatiegeschenk, porcelein, Rob Brandt, kistje,


Rob Brandt's crushed cups, personalised for Commun Sense, Interscience and DVV Insurances.

EPP Merit Award, Wilfried Martens, Vytautas Landsbergis, Jean Claude Trichet, Monique Donckers


Handing over by President Wilfried Martens of the first EPP Merit Award,

(sculpture by Monique Donckers) to Vytautas Landsbergis, 

president of  Lithuania.

This award was also handed over to Jean Claude Trichet, president of the European Central Bank and, postuum to Wilfried Martens himself. 

relatiegeschenk, Bekaert Group, Kortrijk, artandadvice, kantwerk, ingelijst, Baron Buysse


Business gift produced for the Bekaert Group

partially clattered with steel wire, partially mirrored in an hologram

kunst, Monique Donckers, relatiegeschenk, Unizo, beeldje, hars,plexi


Exclusively produced sculpture "Hermes" 

by Monique Donckers for Unizo, Brussels

relatiegeschenk Koning Albert, Bekaert Group, Frank Van Herck, eglomisé, plexi,


 Gift to his Royal Highness Albert II of Belgium on the occasion of his visit to Bekaert Group. Eglomisé by Frank Van Herck with steel wire background.

Relatiegeschenk, ADMB, Bugge, Roger Raveel, Museum, Peeters, beeldje, exclusief,


Handing over by Roger Raveel to Mr Peeters, president of ADMB, of the first sculpture of a series of corporate gifts to celebrate the 75 anniversary of ADMB.