kunstwerk Tjen Meylemans schilderij verkoop olie op doek serie meerluik


Buying art is a matter of trust and confidence and ARTandADVICE is here to assist.

If your goal is to acquire a unique work of art for your home, or perhaps to begin a personal art collection, we are available to advise you.

If you are working with a government enterprise and seeking to include a high standard of quality art, we would be pleased to be your guide.

After an initial consultation, we will source art works that meet your expectations and aesthetic, as well as your budget.

In addition to the extensive collection at  
ARTandADVICE, we have a wide range of contacts with artists and dealers.

We are available to bring our selections to present directly at your home or office.

You will find our prices market-based and ethical

Agnes Maes, kunst, integratie, art work, schilderij op doek, tweeluik, LMS Siemens Leuven


LMS Leuven - paintings Agnes Maes

Kunst, beeldhouwwerk, polyester, tuinbeeld, LMG Ploem, Antwerpen, art work, zwemvijver


private garden Ekeren - sculpture  LMG Ploem

kunst, Ivan Popovic, drieluik, olie op doek, Turnhout, art work, dressoir, abstract, groen


private house Turnhout -paintings Ivan Popovic

kunst, zeefdruk, serie, Mulugeta Tafesse, Acerta, Leuven, art work, integratie, Roger Van Daele, Antwerpen


Acerta Leuven - litho's  Mulugeta Tafesse

kunst, Georges Meurant, olie op paneel, abstract, art work, privé, Hasselt, dressoir, art work, kleurrijk


private house Hasselt -painting Georges Meurant

kunst, Piet Stockmans, installatie, porcelein, keramiek, blauw, Oostende, art work, muraal, artandadvice


private appartment Oostende - installation Piet Stockmans

kunst, Wim Ricourt, schilderij, olie op doek, advokatenkantoor, Brussel, kleurrijk, figuratief, art work


Lawyers Office Brussels -painting Wim Ricourt

kunst, Tjen Meylemans, schilderijen op doek, kleurrijk, abstract, integratie, in opdracht, art work, olie op doek


Company Hasselt -paintingsTjen Meylemans

kunst, LMG Ploem, installatie, Rotterdam, kantoor, polyester, beeldhouwwerk, art work, artandadvice


Project Office Rotterdam - installation LMG Ploem

kunst, Agnes Maes, olie op doek, abstract, kleurrijk, privé, Hasselt, artandadvice, art work, schilderij


private house Hasselt -painting Agnes Maes