MAISON de la POSTE Brussels

1/2/2023 - 15/5/2023

Our third exhibition in the beautifull renovated venues of Maison de la Poste,

part of Tour and Taxis.

1st Floor: Vladimir Moszowski

2d Floor: Jacqueline Devreux

Open during office hours 8 am - 6 pm

Rue Piccard 7               1000 Brussels

(Site Tour & Taxis)


ART Event May 10: guided tours, tasty bites, tempting drinks & lots of nice people!

And we will celebrate our 35 th anniversary!

Special limited original edition by Vladimir Moszowski

To fund a catalogue, Vladimir offered limited series of 11 original art works.

We offer these wonderful must haves at the sharp price of 250 €.

Copper leave on led, framed.

Reservations only by mail and limited to maximum 2 works per client.

Vladimir Moszowski

Genk 1949

Vladimir Moszowski's creative process precedes the actual image, consisting of long research and reflection. Starting from an intense experience from the invertory of his memory, his quest for visualisation begins, often employing mystery and symbols. With an unequaled technique, Moszowski shifts meanings into his multilayered paintings, leading us to feelings we can otherwise only experience in our dreams.


"Wet Horse"

Mixed media (oil and acrylic) on canvas

165 x 235 cm


"Striped Swim Suit"

Mixed media (oil and acrylic) on canvas

200 x 140 cm

Jacqueline Devreux

Brussels 1963

Fascinated by the face, I began with photography. this quickly led to self-portraits in fictional settingswhich I then cut out, rearranging to formulate paintings.

Even today I prefer to begin from photos, rather than a live model which infringes on my sence of freedom. This technique gives free reign to my fantasy and imagination.
Certaoinly, I do not paint what I see. I try to capture the character, the personality.

In reality, my paintings are in many ways more reflections on painting itself.



La Colletionneuse "

oil on canvas 

140 x 120 cm


"Kind of Blue"

oil on canvas 

120 x 120 cm


View on the exhibition (Moszowski)


View on the exhibition (Devreux)