Solo exhibition of one of our great painters. Hugo, who will be celebrating his 80 st birthday this year, can look back on a wonderful journey in the arts.

His work is part of what is called the "fundamental painting". As Luc Tuymans, Raoul De Keyser and Vincent Van Den Meersch, Hugo explores the substructures and foundations of the art of painting: the color, the form, the matter and the effect that these have and can create. He concentrates on the tension between what will be and the process of creating. 

In his early works he paints the paint, he draws the drawing. Pencil, paper, brush, paint and charcoal, he looks at it with curious eyes, resulting in surprizing, hyperrealistic paintings , drawings and objects.

Later he concentrates on the tension between culture and nature. Lines and surfaces seem to live their own lifes in a controled chaos.

He is a master in trompe l'oeil and in finding balance.

This latest series of works, called "Landscapes" are wonderful paintings, playing with color and lines. Abstract and still recognisable.


The exhibition can be visited on appointment to 22 April.

ARTandADVICE Gallery - Kermtstraat 118 - B 3512 HASSELT- Stevoort - 0032/11 85 12 24




A first solo presentation of the work by the German artist Jupp Linssen(1957 Kempen Neiederrhein) in our gallery.

The artist develloped a very personal and recognizable style in painting.

Just as his good friend, Josep Riera I Aragó (previous show in our gallery), Jupp often uses found materials in his work, like zinc, paper, dust, eo, because the natural patina of it speaks to him and shows a history.

Although his works are solid and literally heavy they seem light and fragile because he succeeds in finding a light tonality and  perfect balance in composition, colouring and form. 

His art works are more like sculptures because they get a third dimension through applied layers of material and paint.

Sometimes he even mounts several canvasses on top of each other.

The work of Jupp Linssen is appreciated in his own country as well as internationaly. They are part of many important art collections in musea and private. 

The exhibition can be visited on appointment from 11 november to 24 december.

ARTandADVICE Gallery - Kermtstraat 118 - B 3512 HASSELT- Stevoort - 0032/11 85 12 24